Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and Schema –Focussed Therapy


CBT is the most widely used psychological therapy due to its proven effectiveness in randomised controlled trials in treating mood and anxiety disorders. CBT is a very active and collaborative therapy involving work between therapy sessions which maximises the effectiveness of the therapeutic hour. Simply put it focusses upon the interplay between feelings, thoughts and behaviours and attempts to identify and change unhelpful patterns of underlying core thinking, developed as a consequence of past experiences. There are specific types of CBT or treatment models to treat specific types of anxiety and mood disorders

Schema Focussed Cognitive Therapy (Jeff Young) developed from CBT and focuses more on identifying and modifying unhelpful underlying core-beliefs (core schema or Lifetraps) that underlie psychological difficulties and perpetuate patterns of unhelpful behaviour. Jeff Young has identified 18 types of underlying negative core schema which develop in earlier life in response to adverse early experiences and unmet emotional and psychological needs. Schema therapy is used to treat more enduring recurring and pervasive problems and also personality problems and disorders