Appointments and Referrals

I accept referrals from GPs, Psychiatrists, other medical personnel and lawyers.

I also accept self-referrals although in some circumstances will require additional information from a GP, Psychiatrist or other treating medical personnel.

I aim to offer a responsive service providing an appointment as quickly as is needed within a minimum of 1- 2 weeks.

The first appointment is an assessment appointment at the end of which a treatment plan is discussed and agreed.

I am very flexible in my approach and the timing and spacing of appointments is very much lead by the client. The average number of sessions in my practice is four although the range of treatment duration varies considerably from 1-2 sessions to 20-30 depending upon the needs and preferences of the client.

Appointments are available office hours 9am- 5 pm Monday to Friday.


During this challenging period with restrictions in place in the battle against Covid-19 I am continuing to work as normal.

I am able to offer sessions through Skype, Zoom and other modalities rather than face to face. You can contact me via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or you can call me on 07789 964 092 if you would like to arrange a consultation.

Best Wishes

Dr Fiona Simpson